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AMA Manual of Style

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APA Manual of Style: Quick Reference Guide

When writing in any academic venue, students are required to cite from where and whom they get their information.  Citing helps you develop and synthesize the information that you have read by always paraphrasing, reordering and compiling academic information on the subject of your interest, all the while giving due credit to those that you have consulted.  There are many different style guides used to intellectually and honestly give fair credit; however, this campus uses the American Psychological  Association's (APA) style.

The manual originated in 1929 when several social scientists convened in order to codify the writing process in order to facilitate readability. One copy of the APA Style Manual is available as a reference in the campus library.

You are welcome to schedule an appointment with library staff to help you review your paper to ensure conformity.  We also are here to help you with the research process and searching. Schedule an appointment with a librarian today.

APA Style Blog

APA Tutorials

Click Here for APA Tutorials: http://www.apastyle.org/learn/index.aspx