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AMA Quick Reference Style Guide: AMA Quick Reference Style Guide

This guide will help you cite it right. The guide does not provide a comprehensive overview, according to AMA guidelines, but it will help you learn the basics of AMA style.

AMA Quick Reference Style Guide

‚ÄčThe tenth edition incorporates the electronic changes in publishing for the international, medical, and scientific, community.  The newest version of thr AMA Publication Style manual addresses the myriad of complexities in the legal as well as the ethical arena in keeping with the pace of electronic publishing venues..  This is a peer-reviewed manual published by the Journal of the American Medical Association and contains over 1000 pages. There is an online version as well.  The manual may be purchased from Amazon for ~46.00

Why Cite ?

When writing in any academic venue all students are required to cite from where and from whom they have gotten their information. This requires using in-text citations and a list of information consulted-references. Citing helps you develop and synthesize the information that you have read by always paraphrasing, reordering, and compiling, academic information on the subject of your interest all the while giving due credit to those that you have consulted.  There are many types of style guides; however, the pharmacy department has elected to use the protocol outlined by the American Medical Association’s Style Guide.  I have included a link to the online site of the AMA Manual Online and a link to a YouTube video to help you.  The online site is not free; there is an associated cost. You may also schedule an appointment with one of us to help you review your paper to ensure conformity.  We also are here to help you with the research process and searching. Schedule an appointment with a librarian today.

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